Mystic (by the real name Dalibor Brkic) first time started producing electronic sounds in the 1999. In the 4th coming time he started dj-ing in local clubs at his hometown Rijeka.In the 2007. he took a part of the national music producing competition and won the 1st place with a track “Music Makes Me Who I Am“.After that he released tracks on many established music labels like Proton Particles, Outta Limits, USB DIGITAL, Deepsesions Recordings, Black Mamba Records. In the 2008. Mystic created series of parties called Audiology.The current year (2009) he started working as a resident in the club LaNoche (ex.Quourum Colours club).At the end of the 2010.he started his own digital music label Synthrec which was directed toward melodic techno and ambient electronic style. In the 2011.Mystic released his debut album “Mutations” on Synthrec label and got great critics and feedback by many reputable names on electronic world scene. After that he played as a dj and live PA artist at many regional clubs and festivals in region like Hartera, Fourt Bourguignon, Carnival DJ Session, SDF, SLURP, Life Celebration Festival and many more. In the 2016.Mystic released second album”Hexasphere“on his label Synthrec.At the end of 2017.he started his second label “Modelsynth“which was more directed toward techno style and 2018. release “Spiralinsana EP”. Mystic is currently working on his third album that will sound different than the previous albums.